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Da Vinci Media


Migraton from Standard web Server to Amazon Web Services Cloud


Based in Berlin, Germany, Da Vinci Media offers fun educational programming for kids and whole families alike through its 24/7 television channel.

Da Vinci – comprised of Da Vinci Kids and Da Vinci Learning programming blocks – as well as its curated Da Vinci Kids interactive video-on-demand app.

Da Vinci is available in over 90 territories in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa and Asia, and broadcasts in 18 languages.

Content management and scheduling with CreateCtrl’s CreateCtrl Suite 10.

CreateCtrl Suite 10 consists of several applications for content management and program scheduling:

ContentExplorer, the center piece of the CreateCtrl Suite 10 is the comprehensive content management system for handling asset metadata as well as related contracts, licenses and business rights.

The program planning for TV channels allows for EPG enrichment of linear programs. It is handled with a modular combination of scheduling applications. The three modules, corresponding to the sequence in time of the planning process are:

SchemeAirtime planning
ProgrammerAirtime planning
PlannerTemplate scheduling

CreateCtrl Suite 10 on AWS

The module ContentExplorer is a flexible, scalable and multi-tenant business rights and asset management system. It enables a flexible and structured collection of all assets and related data (for example programs, pictures, trailer previews, material data, commercials).

The system manages editorial, license- and material-based data and ensures the mapping of the entire workflow without any media breaks within the individual work steps.

Scheme 10 generates reusable templates that can be populated with content in a simple way during subsequent planning processes. Placeholders are prearranged and structured in a schematic grid, which allows the program planner to precisely place the content to be planned later. Thanks to the prearranged series slots, series are being automatically planned during the actual scheduling, which ensures optimally timed and low-resource planning.

Programmer 10 is the centerpiece for TV program planning. This module helps to plan individual or several channels in parallel in a simple and efficient way. The optimized desktop of Programmer 10 permits fast and safe placement of planning elements.

Planner 10 helps to generate a complete and verified playlist for the playout automation. The schedule, previously prepared with Programmer 10, is being populated frame accurately with planned trailers and advertising elements. In addition, other elements, such as secondary events, station ID’s, and tables, can be planned and recurring elements, simply automated.

With CreateCtrl Web-Suite VOD the VOD offer can be scheduled with the support of highlight planning. The module allows the planning of individual titles or bundles, such as series in different repositories.

Implemented changes

At the very beginning the CreateCtrl Suite 10 was hosted on a standard web server. This implicated several limitations to the current setup and after an extensive evaluation, it was decided to migrate the application to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

This allowed a more flexible usage of the CreateCtrl Suite 10 and improved the availability and performance of the application by an overall of 30%, compared to the former technical setup.

The following AWS services have been integrated into the CreateCtrl Suite 10 application by CreateCtrl: EC2

With EC2, the application has now a scalable computing capacity in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud and CreatCtrl was very satisfied with the faster development.

Dynamic scaling and the efforts to forecast traffic gets reduced significantly and is very useful, because from time to time the applications is not used for a certain period of time and a fast restart of the application supports a better customer experience.

The need for a good and flexible storage management is also covered by EC2, that allows a much greater flexibility in the storage capacity as needed.

Oracle on Amazon RDS

  • The underlying database Oracle has also been migrated to Amazon RDS.
  • Amazon RDS for Oracle makes it easy for CreateCtrl to set up, operate, and scale Oracle deployments in the cloud.
  • Amazon RDS for Oracle makes it easy for CreateCtrl to use replication to enhance availability and reliability for production workloads.
  • Automated backups enable point-in-time recovery for the DB Instance. This allows CreateCtrl to restore the DB Instance to any second during the retention period, up to the last five minutes.
  • Using the Amazon RDS APIs or a few clicks of the AWS Management Console, CreatCtrl can scale the compute and memory resources powering the deployment up or down within a handful of minutes.
  • Optional Multi-AZ Deployments enhance the database availability while protecting CreateCtrl latest database updates against unplanned outages.
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