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The smart web-based asset browser
CreateCtrl Web-Suite Assets is a web-based application that allows you to view, edit and update
all your assets in one single place.

Asset management

Manage your assets in the web

The web-based Asset Browser provides a protected place to store and manage assets both, location and device independent. 

Assets - CreateCtrl WebSuite

Time saving

Curate your media content

Transcribe your video per button click and let Assets automatically set annotation markers to your video content. 

Assets - CreateCtrl WebSuite


Prepare your files for ad insertion

Determine the exact places for ad breaks within your content.

Assets - CreateCtrl WebSuite

Cognitive services

Analyze your content

Face, speech and emotion detection gives a better insight of your content. Search and retrieve your content based on cognitive attributes. 

Assets - CreateCtrl WebSuite

Technical information

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