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CreateCtrl Machine Learning develops digital solutions for automated management and evaluation of your data.
Digital solutions
for automated data management and evaluation

CreateCtrl Machine Learning

CreateCtrl is an Amazon Technology Partner and develops digital solutions for automated management and evaluation of your data.

  • We support you from the initial idea to the successful use of your product application and the data-driven business model.
  • In doing so, we combine software development and data science to achieve an optimal result. Our data know-how helps you get the most out of your data.
We help you create applicable knowledge from your data with the
help of machine learning.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are constantly evolving and are used in many applications. Examples include supply chain optimization, predictive maintenance, or automated warehouse management.

Machine learning for all industries with large amounts of data

Machine learning can support

  • Increasing efficiency
  • better meet customer needs
  • to be able to make decisions faster

Public data sets (open data) or own data sets can also be included and aggregated.

With modern algorithms and sensible pre-processing steps, the use of complex prediction models can be largely automated. The resulting models provide robust and accurate predictions if the data allows.

Take advantage of the possibilities of modern algorithms to extract
the information from your data sets, you need.

We are happy to support you with additional data, processing steps or specifically optimized models, so that your data also become valuable information.

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We support e-commerce
and retail companies to achieve more.

We help you digitize the individual processes by providing you with our software solutions to support your digital transformation. You can see the outcome of your decisions and how they have affected revenues or sales and where you stand now. This helps you make faster and data-based decisions.
Optimized sales forecasts with the help of Machine Learning and Amazon Fotrecast.

Optimized sales forecasts

Amazon Forecast is a service that makes very accurate predictions based on machine learning.
Time series data is combined with additional variables to create forecasts.

For example, the demand for a shirt in a certain color may vary depending on the season and store location. This complex network of relationships is difficult to determine manually. Machine learning technology is suitable for recognizing this pattern. Once the data is deployed in Amazon Forecast, it is automatically checked for meaningfulness. This creates a forecast model that is up to 50% more accurate than if only time series data were considered.


The forecast model is
up to 50% more precise than
looking at time series data.

Gewürze der Welt

Use Cases

  • "Spices of the World" is a spice merchant who
    uses the Forecast solution for its sales forecasts
  • The forecast is based on the DeepAR algorithm
    developed by Amazon.
  • This leads to a significantly improved forecast of sales
    figures for the next 6 months.
  • The data base is generated from past sales figures
    and product attributes.
  • In addition, the planned figures are permanently
    compared with the actual numbers.


CreatePredict hat im Rahmen seiner Applikation “Campaigns”, zum Planen von Medienkampagnen,
die Forecast Lösung implementiert. Der Forecast erfolgt auf Basis des von Amazon entwickelten KI
Algorithmus XGBoost.

  • XG Boost ist ein
    lernender Algorithmus.
  • Die automatisierte
    Planung erfolgt über
    einen Entscheidungsbaum.
  • Die Vorhersage der
    Reichweiten erfolgt
    mittels AWS Forecast.
Amazon Web Services

Benefits of
Partnership by
CreateCtrl with
Amazon Web Services

The following describes individual
sub-areas of AWS that reflect the
benefits of AWS technology partnership.


All output data is stored in a central, curated, and secure environment. Data lakes, based on AWS, have very high scalability, coupled with the highest level of security and cost-efficiency, to create data lakes for analytics. Once the data is ready for the cloud, AWS makes it easier to store the data in different formats and consistently backs it up for a variety of analytics. Additional data backup and archiving solutions can optimize costs, even if they are very high volumes of data.

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AWS Data

Turning data into valuable assets is a complex process that requires different technologies, tools, and environments. AWS partners help customers collect, store, manage, and analyze data to gain insights faster and more cost-effectively. The flexibility and scalability of Amazon Web Services enables AWS partners to build secure and easy-to-use analytics solutions to deliver value to customers. With AWS Partner Solutions, customers can implement any big data solution that can grow in parallel with their business.

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More and more machine learning applications are running on AWS because the AWS Cloud provides secure and near-unlimited access to data. High Performance Computing capacities can be booked in a cost-optimized manner. A project can be started easily because there are pre-trained services and tools, such as Amazon SageMaker. As an AWS Partner, CreateCtrl also helps you implement complex ML projects and achieve the desired results.

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