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Flexible, license-oriented programm planning
The web-based Programmer application is the centerpiece for TV program planning. This module helps you plan
individual or several channels in parallel in a simple and efficient way.

Advertising planning

Plan your commercials easily

Plan adverts on slots or events – your choice. Drag them before, in-between or after the content, the automated calculation helps you planning your commercials easily.

Programmer - CreateCtrl WebSuite

Event planning

Increase your work productivity

The build in search and drag&drop function makes the planning process for the linear tv-program easy and intuitive. The additional copy&paste feature enables program planning on the fly.

Programmer - CreateCtrl WebSuite

Organized scheduling

Sort your content

Folders, Favourites, Filters or Clipboards help to stay organized and keep track of all the content. Covers of movies or tv-series even enable to recognizing the right content on the first glance.

Programmer - CreateCtrl WebSuite

Modern Interface

Stay on top of things

Simple graphics, colourful planning grid and recognizable adbreaks for a much friendlier planning tv-channls.

Programmer - CreateCtrl WebSuite