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Your workflow with the CreateCtrl broadcast management system

The CreateCtrl Radio Planning System

is a set of cross-media applications designed to automate work processes across system boundaries, thus achieving maximum efficiency in the implementation of daily tasks. Create a fluent communication and collaboration between your teams and simplify the planning of topics, independently from the distribution channel.

Make Collaborative wrork possible
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Improve your workflows

Meet the team of Radio CC, a radio station that is probably not that different from yours. They use CreateCtrl RPS and it saves them time and money.

Get organized
Stacy and Luke are two editors at Radio CC. They used to plan their program in a spreadsheet software, which took a lot of time and effort. Now, with RPS, the calendar based radio planning system, they are much more organized.
When Stacy plans the content for her morning show, she contacts William, a freelancing author. Both agree on the topic for William’s story and Stacy directly creates the item in RPS. If William needs a studio to produce his story, Stacy directly attaches a booking to the item.
Work simultaneously
Stacy plans William’s story into the morning show that she hosts together with her co-moderator Luke. She adds the text for the introduction directly to the rundown. The real-time concurrent user feature of RPS allows Luke to edit the rundown at the same time and import the music that the music editor Jay has prepared for them.
Be connected
Luke also schedules a telephone interview with expert Dr. Higgs who will give his scientific insights on the topic. In RPS, Luke can see Dr. Higgs contact information and how often he already was on air on Radio CC.
Be up to date
Caitlyn, the social media whiz, posts all topics online. Thanks to the news feed import feature in the application Topics, she always knows what is hot and trendy and what topics were addressed by which radio station of Radio CC.
Never lose the overview
Mrs. Jules, the CEO of Radio CC, is very happy with her team now, as RPS helps her team work collaboratively and effectively. Thanks to the department-connecting application Topics, each department knows, what other departments are writing about. With RPS2 and its detailed department-independent calendars, she keeps track of all topics and programs that Radio CC is currently planning.