TV Channels offer

Life of content

Your workflow with the CreateCtrl broadcast management system


offers applications that meets all TV Channel’s needs. The applications cover all activities, from the Content Acquisition to the Reporting & Accounting including the Metadata Management and Program Scheduling.

With the use of one single software, all teams work seamlessly and simultaneously, allowing
time and cost savings and accuracy.

Watch now, how
the CC Channel team improves its workflows

Introducing CC Channel
Watch now, how
Sara and Alen use
the ContentExplorer
to improve their work.
Sara and Alen can manage contract partners, contracts and licenses in one database. They can add license limitations which will be considered in the program planning process.

Sara and Alen now focus on their business deals instead of worrying about non-contractual runs or reruns.
Content Acquisition at CC Channel
Watch now, how
Doris gets much
more organized.
Doris, the metadata whiz, loves the ContentExplorer, as it helps her to keep all metadata organized and easy to find. She adds cast, box office, different versions, ratings and genres in a view clicks and even manages press materials.
Metadata Management at CC Channel
Watch now, how Alfred
manages materials.
Material management can be a tough job, but with the CreateCtrl Suite, Alfred always has an overview about all his materials. He directly links physical assets, such as tapes, files, clips and tracks to the programs, in all possible formats.

In addition, he uses the CreateCtrl WebSuite application Assets to gain insight on his materials.
Media Operations at CC Channel
Watch now, how
Mary schedules
programs and series.
Mary loves using the applications Scheme and Programmer. She creates a rough structure of her program in Scheme and fills it with sequels and reruns in Programmer. She does not have to worry about contract terms as well, as the system warns her, if she exceeds a license.

In the web application Teamer she can schedule events parallel to her programs, like quiz games or birthdays of important persons.
Programme Planning at CC Channel
Watch now, how
Mike manages ad sales
and trailer campaigns.
Mike is the man for ad breaks and trailers at CC Channel. He uses the application Planner to schedule them and creates a frame-by-frame rundown plan of each day. The application Campaigns helps him to launch trailer campaigns to ensure the maximum GRP.
Traffic and Scheduling at CC Channel

After the programs have been aired on TV, there is still an important job to do: Reprorting and Accounting. Susan, from the finance team, can have a look at as run logs, which are automatically imported, and creates reports from this information. Even better, all the other members of CC Channel are able to create accurate reports or XML files as well.

Watch now, how reporting and accounting works in the ContentExplorer.

Reporting and Accounting at CC Channel