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Topic-based planning
RPS is the central interdivisional platform to plan your program from your topic idea
to the final running order.

From story to rundown

Manage your planning process

RPS offers a top overview about all stories, texts, times and music from the beginning of your planning process to the final broadcast. You can manage all information in one place. 

RPS - Radio Planning System


Keep the overview

Enterprise radio stations love RPS. The web-based calendar view provides a comprehensive overview of the program schedule of all networks. 

RPS - Radio Planning System


Simplify your communication

The stations entire contact database and an integrated e-mail platform enable you to stay in contact with all contributing parties like interview guests and event agencies. 

RPS - Radio Planning System


Increase your productivity

Running a radio station also means scheduling studios, journeys and equipment. The integrated booking system of RPS allows you, to keep track of all that. An e-mail client helps to connect messages from your team inbox directly to a story. 

RPS - Radio Planning System


Integrate seamlessly

Interfaces to third-party systems allow the easy transfer of stories to production systems and importing music from music scheduling software. 

RPS - Radio Planning System