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Topics, the highly efficient topic planning system, enables journalists and editorial departments
to maximise collaboration on the next story.

One Topic - Many Stories

Create your stories

Each Topic can have several stories with its own publishing channel. This way it’s easy to reach a much broader audience with multiple stories.

Topics - CreateCtrl WebSuite

Personal Workspace

Manage your content

A personal Workspace helps every user to maintain a good overview. With the build-in search and filter function, finding the desired Topic or Story is made easy. The Deadline table even reminds the user to finish the Content before it gets published.

Topics - CreateCtrl WebSuite

Up to date

Get worldwide news

With Topics, cross-media Managing and publishing of Content is easy, fast and intuitive. With a Variety of different media Sources, like Twitter or Web-News, it’s simple to find and create an interesting Topic. Automated Imports of worldwide dates and events enables you to create your next Story.

Topics - CreateCtrl WebSuite

Social Media

React to current events

Sharing stories directly with the target audience is with a variety of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Youtube much easier. Topics enables to react to current events and spread the message directly.

Topics - CreateCtrl WebSuite